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Why you should get a Curve card right now?

Curve, it’s the new up and coming bank card. Why? No, it’s not another bank, it’s one unique card for all your bank cards.
Curve is free, it adds protection to all your purchases, and it gives you some bonus

What Curve brings on the table

One card for all. Connect all your credit card to the Curve app. One app, one card. Live notification, Zero Fx, 1% Cashback. (get 1% cashback on 3 of your favourite merchant for 90 days with the free version – up to 6 per years with the paid version)

How does it work?

1) Order your card for free.
2) Connect your Visa and Mastercard in the app.
3) Choose which card to use in on tap in the app and enjoy.

Security or security?!

Mistake happens, if you lose your card, stay zen you can easily lock it in the app.

It’s like having a duplicate of all my card. So good when I travel, Curve with me the rest stay safe at home.

Download Curve

Add the promo code NRYWGKAE when you join for 5 GBP free. Order your card for free. £5 bonus will be added on your account after your first card use.

Curve code parrainage £5 en bonus lors de la première utilisation de votre carte Curve
Curve referral code £5 bonus at the first use of your Curve card

Why Curve is that good?

  • Get cashback on 3 to 6 of your favourite shops (you choose them) – for 90 days with the free version.
  • Carry only one card for all your cards
  • It’s a Visa and Mastercard card
  • Awesome to travel, pay in 200 currencies.
  • Get back in time to change the card charged if you made a mistake « up to £1000 and 14 days after the purchase »
  • You can get double bonus if you bank card gets you benefits (points, etc) with the Curve cashback on the top.
  • Available in 27 countries.

NOTE: They stopped Amex at the moment. Process are in lace to try to get it back American Express part of Curve.

Curve cashback

Curve cashback is available on some shops. Curves offer 3 plans “Blue” (free version), “Black” (£9,99 per months) and Metal (£14,99 per month or £150 when paid for the year in advance).

Read more and compare the cards at (get unlimited cashback and insurance with the paid version)

Better purchase protection on all your transactions

As a Curve customer, you get a killer financial protection. Your Curve card purchases are covered up to £100,000 – adding extra value to your debit and credit cards.

It’s valid for transactions up to £100,000 within a 120-day period.

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