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Colombia, what banks don’t charge a fee to withdraw cash

Get cash out at the ATM in Colombia without paying an extra fee. Most of the Colombian banks charge foreigner cards. It’s an extra fee of 13 000 / 14 500 COP to withdraw money at ATMs.

I have Revolut (multi-currency card). There is no fee from Revolut to take cash out at the ATM. However, most Colombian banks add a fee on the transaction.

Two banks that don’t charge extra for cash withdraw with a foreigner card in Colombia

  1. BBVA
  2. Davivienda

Advice: always get cash in a real bank, not in a cashpoint in the street. Avoid ATM linked to a wall or convenience shop. If your card gets stuck in the machine for whatever reason, you will be able to go talk to the bank staff. This will be much easier than trying to figure out how to get it back otherwise.

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