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Discover affordable lunch options and grocery stores in Miraflores, Lima

Discover affordable eats and convenient grocery shopping options in Miraflores, Lima. From Calle Berlin’s “menu del dia” restaurants to popular supermarkets like Vivanda and Wong, find out where to eat out and stock up on essentials during your stay in Lima.

You can find a lot of places to eat very easily. There are tons of restaurants at all prices with delicious food. I am only sharing my little tip to eat for cheap at lunchtime. This is all happening in calle Berlin.

For lunch – Calle Berlin, a dozen of restaurants with “menu del dia”

Calle Berlin offers a wide variety of restaurants serving “menu del dia” at affordable prices starting from S/13.00. The menu typically includes a soup, a starter, a main course, and a juice. You can find a few options to choose from, and the restaurants usually offer a cozy outdoor seating area, which is perfect for summertime.

Calle Berlin restaurants, Lima
Calle Berlin restaurants, Lima

At night, calle Berlin turns into bars and offers a vibrant nightlife experience.

Where to buy groceries in Miraflores

Vivanda and Wong

Vivanda and Wong are two go-to supermarkets in Miraflores. Wong, being the oldest in the city, is a bit more expensive than Vivanda. However, Wong is bigger and offers a wider variety of products.

In addition to supermarkets, you will also find many small shops for quick snack, bread, and water top-ups.

Mass tiendra is much cheaper than both Wong and Vivanda for basic products, for instance, a toothpaste for S/.4 when the cheapest one in Wong is at 8 and most are around 15 soles. I noticed some products like water, beer are a bit cheaper there. Eggs as well!

Mercado Nº 1 de Surquillo

Mercado Nº 1 de Surquillo is the place to go for fresh vegetables and fruits. It’s a local market that offers a wide range of fresh produce at affordable prices.

Mercado Nº 1 de Surquillo.

Bonus: If you have a sweet tooth, you can find a good cake place nearby called Napoleon.

These are my options for budget-conscious travelers who want to save money while still enjoying delicious food and fresh groceries. Share your own tips in the comments

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