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Peru tipping guide: know when and how much to tip in various situations

The tip is not included in the bill in Peru. You can tip 5% or 10%. 10% seems more common, and if you are very happy with the service, go up to 15% and make someone happy.

How much to tip in Peru?
How much to tip in Peru?

What is typical for tipping for service in restaurants in Peru?

Tipping is optional. Peruvians don’t generally leave tips, this said you need to be aware a waiter is being paid a minimum salary of about 1000 soles in Peru. Definitely not enough to live in Lima. So tipping people in service industry and at restaurants is important. 10% of the bill as a tip is good.

Miraflores & San Isidro, Lima

In both those areas you might be asked if you want to leave a tip, it’s up to you.

Are you happy to leave a tip? Are you happy with the price you paid and the service you got? What does it cost you to leave a tip? There are no rules about tipping. Tip (or don’t) whatever you want.

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