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What bank doesn’t charge a fee with a Revolut card in Peru?

BCP is the only bank I found that doesn’t add fees to get cash out with your Revolut / Monzo card. I try a few ATMs in Lima to find which bank is the best to get cash out without paying extra bank fees.

With Revolut you only get the rate of the day (on weekdays – avoid taking cash out on weekends). But, in Peru, most banks will charge foreign cards some fee to take money out.

Peru, where to withdraw cash at an ATM and avoid fees?

It is free to take cash out at a BCP ATM. (Banco de Crédito del Perú). That’s the only bank I found that doesn’t add a fee for cash. BBVA and Scotiabank have the highest fees.

BCP = 0

Interbank = 19 soles per withdrawal.

BBVA and Scotiabank = 25 soles per withdrawal.

Extra tip: Ideally, only take cash out from an ATM-based in a bank rather than a cash machine lost in a shop if you can. If your card gets stuck in the machine, you will have more chances to get it back if you are in a bank.

Some small places and restaurants don’t accept cards. For instance, restaurants offering a very cheap “menu del dia” take cash only. Read about the best menu del dia in Lima, Miraflores.

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