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8 object in my suitcase

For the last three years I have been in south america to spend my winter, escape from the cold in Europe.

I live 2 months in Buenos Aires, then the year after in Brazil in Rio de Janeiro and finally this year I was in Cali, Colombia.

Here is my personal to take list.

In my backpack, hand luggage

All the classics, headphones, tissues, little snacks, book/tablet with enough to stay busy, a power bank to keep all of this alive just in case. But also some clothes in my hand luggage (socks, underwear, t-shirt). That’s just in case my luggage doesn’t get at destination when I do. It actually happened in my flight from London to Cali, I had my connection flight but my luggage didn’t and only arrived later on another flight. Luckily there are plenty of Bogota – Cali flight.

In my checked luggage

To keep the stress away

A spare international bank card: yeah, I have a second Revolut card. It’s inactive and I keep it in my big luggage. In the case I got my card stolen or I lose it I can block it and active the second one and continue my trip without stress.

A second smartphone: same idea as with the card. I always keep my main number and phone at home. I go out with an old smartphone less catchy to the eyes. It’s a second-hand phone I bought on Amazon. If I lose it or if anything bad happens, it wouldn’t be a big loss.

As soon as I arrive in a new country for my long trip, I buy a new a local sim card I use in that phone. To be honest, it’s a bit slow sometimes but as long as I got internet, whatsapp, google maps, I am sorted.U

Every time I walk through baggage reclaim at an airport, I burst into tears. I’m case sensitive.

Save a bit of money

Most of you will find this silly but eh.

I take washing capsules. You might think, “why?” we can buy those anywhere. True, but those type of products, on my experience, are more expensive and for less good quality in South America. So I bring my own for a few weeks, just the amount I need. It’s more or less interesting depending on how long your trip is but it’s not super big in your suitcase (I am talking of a few capsule 3 in 1, not a one kilo pack).

In the same topic, cosmetic products for the length of my trip. Shower gel shampoo, etc. For the same reason, you will always find those where you go, but maybe not the brand you wish or usually for a higher price (it’s cheaper in UK on my experience again). Put them in a plastic bag and then in your shoes to save space.

To keep happy

A bit of food to make you happy. Chocolates, cookies, candies, whatever you like. It’s just a little booster if you have low days, if you feel homesick, etc. The space they take in your suitcase will be replaced by presents you will bring back to your family and friends.

Small objects or postcard to offer. During trips we always meet great people. It’s a nice touch to have a little something to share with those special people you will meet. Leave them a little souvenir. Be creative.

We are all time traveller moving at 60 minutes per hour.

For the handy side

A water bottle 24 hours hot, 12 hours cold. Take one of 500ml or more. I got a Swell (Amazon) and I am so happy to have it when I travel. Or even at work…

A beach bag or light bag type drawstring. We always need a smaller bag that takes no space for a walk around, sport, etc.

Don’t forget the essentials

Flip flop, camera, a few Ibuprofens, sunscreen, hat, unbrella.

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