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Get a SIM card in Peru, where to buy your SIM in Lima as a foreigner

If you stay in Peru for a few days to a few months, you will want a local number to have internet access. I did my research about what is the best I could get.

Important: You will need your passport to buy a SIM card in Peru

What is the best provider for a few days/weeks in Peru?

A little internet is useful for maps, Uber, having a local number is useful for people to call you, etc.

1) Movistar

That’s what I got, I bought a Movistar prepago plan for 30 soles but then added a plan for 30 days of 30 soles.
Total for 30 days: 60 soles.
Total for 2 months: 90 soles.  

3.5GO + double bonus = 7GO for 30 days, unlimited WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook.

The way it works is you add credits to your phone number, and then you use this credit to select a “paquete” dialing #515*

I bought my SIM in the shopping mall next to Parque Kenedy, 4th floor –

Movistar Peru - Sim prepago
Movistar Peru – Sim prepago

You can top-up your number in a number of small shops, including any Mifarma. Should be plenty of options. For my second month, I just added 30 soles and that was it.

2) Peru Sim

You can get it at Tourism points. Expensive but it has more data (in case you want to do some video streaming on your phone). Peru SIM runs under the Network from Claro.

5GO = 70 soles for 30 days
15GO = 110 soles for 30 days
30GO = 150 soles for 30 days

The SIM is valid for 4 months when recharged.

My friend got this SIM, he paid a 80 soles for 30 days (70 + 10 of activtion fee). He will travel for 1.5 months in Peru so will need to add a second plan of 70 minimum.

Total for 30 days: 80 soles.
Total for 2 months: 150 soles (minimum).
Total for 3 months: 220 soles (minimum). 

If you run out of data you can purchase another plan ( You can buy the Peru Sim next to Parque Kennedy in the tourism point in a few minutes.

Aeropuerto Internacional
Jorge Chávez
Lima, Perú

Plaza de Armas de Cusco
Portal de Comercio 125
Cusco, Perú

Parque Kennedy
Diagonal 494, Miraflores
Lima, Perú

Peru Sim
Peru Sim

3) Claro

The salesperson from Claro told me it’s not such a good deal to buy a prepago (prepaid) plan with Claro. He was very honest and told me he wouldn’t buy it.
The sim (chip) cost 50 soles to foreigners (but only 1 sol for Peruvian if you have a local friend) and you need to add a plan to it on the top. The maximum duration for plans they have is 14 days. This means you will need to add credits every 14 days in order to keep your data.

Total for 14 days 80 soles.
Total for 28 days: 110 soles.

Total for 2 months: 200 soles.

I found Claro and Movistar at the 4th floor of Falabella

Hopefully, this article saved you time.

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