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Receiving an international parcel in Colombia

If you are planning to receive a parcel in Colombia you might/probably will have to pay a tax to get it. If you can find another way, I recommend avoiding the postal service there.

This happened to me

I sent myself a package from the UK to Cali in Colombia at the address where I lived. I could track the package all the way. The shipping fees from the UK were £19.99. The package arrived in Colombia fairly quickly, about 10 days after. It was a large box with food and clothes (maybe around 3 kilos). About 20 days after someone finally came to my door but just with a paper saying I need to pay 280 000 pesos to get my package and go pay at a certain address in the city centre. I was wondering if it was worth paying that amount to get my package but decided to get it. If I waited for more than 2 weeks to go pay the price would increase more. (I think it was about 360 000 pesos).

When I went to pay I was expecting to get my parcel, but no they told me someone will try to deliver it at my address the next day, and if I am not home to go to another address to collect my package. The next day and the day after no one came to deliver it. So I finally went with a taxi to the depot and got my parcel. That was one month after it arrived in the country and I paid roughly £23 pound extra as post fees to collect it.

Another testimonial from a facebook group (french people in Colombia)

“A friend send me a package for the birth of my baby and despite she was told in France it won’t be an issue, it got blocked and I needed to pay 200 000 pesos to get it”

In other words, not a fun time just for a parcel. That’s why I recommend looking at the options you have.

What are the other options to get a parcel in Colombia

  1. Ouiiistiti – collaborative transport
  2. Facebook groups. Look for relevant foreigners groups and ask if someone can carry a parcel with them from/to your wished destination.

Sending service are also expensive in Colombia, but some such as DHL are reliable. Share your experience in comments.

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