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Easily rent your badass wanted accommodation in London

Looking for accommodation is not always easy. This list of website should help you in your searches. And don’t forget to ask questions when you visit.

In this article:

London is a bit of a jungle when it comes to accommodation, if you hear about something you like, drop everything you are doing and go see it / meet the agency / landlord as soon as you can. When you don’t react straight away the spot will be gone quickly and you will miss your chance.

Find a room in a flat share or houseshare in London

Find a flat in London

Less famous platforms but still worth checking:

Do you have some other website worth listing? Please share in a comment.

Questions to ask

  1. What’s included? Is the property furnished or not? Photos can be a misrepresentation.
  2. What are the tenancy fees? What fees will I pay to move into the property, and how much will they cost? If necessary, ask if that includes admin, credit reference check and check-in fees. Do the fees quoted include VAT? Letting agents will often quote fees without adding 20% Value Added Tax. Will I pay any fees to move out of the property?
  3. Who is responsible for what? Common areas, garden etc.
  4. How much is the council tax? Ask for the band, properties rated A or B could make you considerable savings throughout the year than one rated D or E.
  5. How energy efficient is the property? Ask for an average price regarding each bill. You don’t want to end up with a crazy electricity bill in winter or some other bad surprise.
  6. What’s the TV & internet like? You don’t want
  7. Who lives next door? If you have working professional or student you might not have the same vibe.
  8. What’s it like at night? Is it a safe neighbourhood with easy transport links?
  9. How long is the contract/rental term? 12 months, 6 months, when can you move at the earliest if you are not happy there?
  10. How much is the deposit and is there a holding deposit? The deposit should be held with a private protection scheme.
  11. What’s the policy on pets and redecoration?
  12. Who is the landlord? In case you meet an agency or a flatmate.
  13. What happens in an emergency? Agent, landlord?
  14. How quickly someone will come fix if there is a problem and who does it? It’s important to know the agency is responsive quickly in case if something breaks.
  15. Is there anything else I need to know?

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