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5 must-have apps for frequent travellers

Apps can save us time and money, some are awesome for transport like Citymapper and TripIt. Others are great for bookings like Pruvo or Hopper, Roomer.

1. TripItAll your bookings in one place

must have travel app TripIt
All your trip in one app with TripIt

See all your booking in one app. It doesn’t matter where you book. TripIt can manage it all. As soon as you book a flight, hotel, car or other reservation, simply forward it to and it will instantly create a master itinerary and map view of all your plans. It’s perfect to keep track of your upcoming travel holidays and dates. They have a paid version with more features (US$49 a year).
 | iPad | Android

2. PruvoSaving Money AFTER Booking

must have travel app Pruvo
Hotel price tracking app Pruvo

Pruvo’s aim is to save you money even after you’ve already booked a hotel room. With the current process, you email your hotel reservation to Pruvo who will then set up a custom search that scours the major booking sites around the world and monitors if your specific booking goes down in price. If so, Pruvo will send you a notification to cancel the booking you’ve already made, and to rebook at the cheaper price. One important note, this service only works with reservations that have free cancellation policies. 

3. CitymapperMove around cities like a pro

must have travel app Citymapper
Transport app Citymapper

Cittymapper is the best app for cities travelling, it will tell you the best way to go from A to B, the price for it, and others options. It’s a must have for every big city, makes your life so much easier. You can save journey in your favourite to see them offline.

4. HopperKnow when to fly and buy

must have travel app Hopper
Book at the right time with the app Hopper

Hopper predicts prices and helps you book your flights and hotels at the right time, saving you up to 40%.

5. RoomerSell your non-refundable hotel reservations

must have travel app Roomer
Last minute room cheaper or sell your non-refundable reservations with Roomer

Roomer is a travel marketplace which people can list their non-refundable hotel reservations for sale and offer them to buyers at a discounted price.

Bank cards to travel

  1. Get an Amex and grab Avios everytime you pay with your card. Then use those to save on your flight or hotel.
  2. Get a Revolut to avoid bank fees abroad and bad exchange rate.

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