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5 proven strategies to improve your Spanish before to travel

Read, listen, watch, talk. Apps and little game are good to learn vocabulary but, sorry to say, no one became fluent using Duolingo.

Everyone learn in different ways. Some people are visual learner, others learn by hearing and listening. Pick what suits you best.


Buy books or go to your local library. You can find books “Side by Side Bilingual Books” or short stories.

For example Stories from Latin America/Historias de Latinoamerica,
Stories from Spain/Historias de Espana, Spanish Short Stories: Cuentos En Espanol (New Penguin Parallel Text Series) and many more.

Check what your local library offer. For instance, if you are in London you can get access to with 2 full Spanish courses for beginner and intermediate. They are composed of 30 lectures each with about 40min per lecture.

Newspapers can be good as well.
Basically kind of everything will help. It’s best if you can find something which really interests you.

Download Amazon Kindle on your mobile or tablet and download free book samples of any books that might interest you and start.

¿Sabes las dos palabras que te abrirán muchas puertas en el mundo?

Tire y empuje.

Listen to podcasts

You can find lots of podcasts online. Plenty of website and platforms. For instance, you will find a good selection online at[…]/podcasts

Podcasts are great to help your ears adapt to the language and accents. The great thing about podcasts or radio is you can continue your activities.

Audio book are also a great option. Check Audible, etc.

Watch series

Watch series in Spanish on Netflix or for a free version with adverts check You will need to register (it’s free, just need an email verification).

Get the subtitles in Spanish using one of those subtitle websites:


Hay tres clases de personas… Las que saben contar y las que no.


Once you got your basics you need to speak, that the only way. If you are not in Spanish speaking country, look for “intercambio” events on Check facebook groups for spanish speaking communities and ask if anyone if up to do some language swap. People also put ads on, etc.

Take classes

If you have the budget, taking classes will really help. For beginners, maybe group classes. However, if you know your basics get a one to one with a teacher to really crack on and speak properly.

Any other tips, please share in comments. Thanks

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