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The taxi scam in Lima that could leave you with fake bills

This taxi scam has been going on for years and you need to be aware of it!

Exposed: Beware of taxi scams in Lima: tips to avoid fake bills

Beware of this common tourist scam involving taxi drivers and fake bills. Often, the taxi driver will have a fake female “passenger” in the back seat and ask a random person on the street to break a fake bill. Recently, a tourist in Miraflores (Parque Kennedy) fell victim to this scam when he asked a taxi driver for change for a 20 soles bill. He swapped it for two 10 and the driver gave him a pristine 20 soles bill that turned out to be fake!

Other stories tell tourists being deceived by a vendor who gave them fake coins as change. Though the amount lost may not be significant, it’s the unscrupulous actions of these individuals that can ruin your day.

The key takeaway is to avoid exchanging money with unfamiliar taxi drivers or strangers who approach you randomly, unless you can confirm the authenticity of the currency.

Stay alert and stay safe while travelling.

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