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Movie night on a budget: catch the latest flicks for just S/7.00 every tuesday in Lima

For the ridiculously tiny price of 7 soles, you can go to the cinema to see new movies every Tuesday. All movies are dubbed or sometimes with subtitles too.

The cheap cinema day in Lima is Tuesday – only S/7.00 at Cinerama

Mondays and Wednesdays are S/10.0

I go to Cinerama Pacifico located right next to Parque Kennedy in Miraflores. You can find all the Cinerama cinema at

Weekends prices stay very cheap compared to Europe. S/15.00

cinerama cinema lima peru
Cinerama cinema Lima Peru

You can buy your tickets in advance if there is a new movie or otherwise just go on time. No need to arrive very early or you will wait (I arrived 10 min earlier the first time, the cleaners were still in the room tidying the mess from customers from the previous film).

Compared to London it’s crazy cheap – bit less than £1.50 on Tuesdays, so if I don’t have other plans, I go enjoy a big screen.

I went to see a Peruvian comedy named Soy innocence and this week I am going to Plane (“Alerta extrema” is the Spanish title), I will watch it in V.O.

Cinema Lima cheap day Tuesday
Cinema Lima cheap day Tuesday

It’s also good to improve your Spanish

And if you come back late at night, take a taxi back home, you can use this Cabify discount code in Lima, Peru. Get S/10.00 discount

Happy movies

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