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Peru Hop review: a unique way to explore Peru

Peru Hop is a popular hop-on, hop-off bus service that offers a unique and flexible way to travel throughout Peru. With different routes to choose from, travellers can visit popular destinations like Lima, Cusco, and Arequipa, as well as lesser-known gems like Huacachina and Paracas.

Personal Review: Customizable itinerary and fun activities

One of the main benefits of Peru Hop is the ability to customize your itinerary, with the option to hop off and spend as much time as you want in each location before hopping back on to continue your journey. The company also offers a range of tours and activities, as well as a friendly, English-speaking guide on board each bus to provide information and answer any questions.

My 2-day Trip to Paracas, Ica, and Huacachina (with one night in Huacachina)

I had planned a trip to Huacachina during Christmas, but due to political unrest, I had to cancel my bus and hostel reservations. However, rebooking with Peru Hop turned out to be the best decision I made. The bus service included a stop in Paracas, transportation to Huacachina, and hotel pickup.

The normal bus (with companies like CRUZ DEL SUR or Peru Bus) goes to Ica, then you would need a taxi to Huacachina + a first taxi to go to the bus terminal).

Peru hop does a hotel pickup and also included some activities in the prices of my tour such as Ballestas Islands, buggy ride and sand board, and Pisco tasting. If I had planned the trip on my own, it would have been more expensive and complicated. Plus, the bus is exclusively for tourists, making it more secure and comfortable than public transport.

Peru Hop: Plenty of options to choose from

Peru Hop offers plenty of options, including the 3-day tour (night in Paracas & Huacachina), which I would have loved to take, but it was not available at the time. The website is user-friendly and easy to navigate, and travellers can choose from different passes depending on their budget and interests.

You have plenty of options


With affordable prices, flexibility, and an emphasis on safety and comfort, Peru Hop is an excellent option for travellers looking to explore Peru at their own pace. The company’s dedication to providing enjoyable experiences and excellent customer service makes it stand out from other bus services in Peru.

huacachina oasis
Huacachina oasis


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