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Smarter flight refund: Never lose a cut for flight delay compensation

Your flight was late, you are entitled and want the compensation? Then read carefully. Don’t fall into the flight reclaim trap, use a free service, no fees, as good (even better than online business).

Avoid flight reclaim companies

You will see many adverts, online business and website offering to do your flight reclaim for you. Saving you the hassle of contacting the company, etc. It will sound tempting because they assure you only pay if you win the case, that means if you receive your money. 

However, that’s a business, they are making money because their terms and conditions specify how much of what you get they will invoice you, and when you are too far in the process well you realise it’s not really worth.

For instance, avoid companies like (just to take an example), this one charge 25% + £25 admin fee, on a 250 euros refund (flight from Europe) that’s a £96.75 invoice going to the flight refund company. At the time 250 euros = £221.83. I let you do the math to know how much you would actually keep from the refund. And this is only one example of those hundreds of company online doing this business.

Wanna hear a plane joke? Nah, it’ll just go over you head.

How to do a flight reclaim for free, easily without paying any fee

I found one website who does the trick perfectly:

The law can vary depending on where you live. Please select the option that applies to you. If you live in England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland you can use this service. It’s often the Regulation EC 261/04.

It’s really 100% free, it’s super easy to create your case

  • you choose the company you had issues with
  • add your flight details
  • use their template, you can add a bit of information and upload justificativ

You have escalation system meaning after 30 days, you will receive a reminder and move your case to a higher level until you receive the money of your late flight compensation. 

Share the good. That’s an awesome website, share it with people who have experienced flight delays and want to claim their compensation.

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