Take a UBER from Lima airport – Tip

Lima airport (Jorge Chavez International Airport) offers free Wi-Fi, you can connect with one click (no need to share personal information). Use the Wi-Fi to order your Uber from inside the airport at the arrivals.

How to order an Uber from Lima airport?

Order your Uber from inside the airport near the exit. You will have the option to set the pick at Terminal 3 International.

The exit door will be full of Taxi drivers trying to get passengers. It’s best if you book when inside the airport (as they can’t enter) and then when the car is arriving, get outside (cross the crowd to get out) and go to the second road right in front of the exit (you might have a less good Wi-Fi connexion once outside).

My fare from the airport to Miraflores at 8.10pm cost PEN 45.10 (+ I added a small tip for the driver as he was very nice).

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