Montevideo street markets and fairs, buy cheaper and better quality food

Montevideo markets and fairs

A good price/quality solution is to buy as much as possible on street markets. Fresh fruits and vegetables, eggs, meat, fish, cheese, etc. Here is a map of Montevideo’s markets.

Map of Montevideo fairs and markets

Montevideo street markets and fairs, buy cheaper and better quality food
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The mother of the Montevideo fairs

The largest and most popular fair takes place on Sunday morning in Tristán Narvaja street, one of the typical walks in the city.

The range of articles is as wide and rich as it is extravagant. This fair is a good opportunity to learn more about the social reality of Uruguay today. You can buy traditional pasta for Sunday lunch, books, CDs, cassettes, ancient relics, ornaments, spare parts, games, furniture and pets, among others.

The street starts at the University of the Republic, on Avenue 18 de Julio, and is only seven blocks away. Every Sunday, from 9 am until about 4 pm, Tristán Narvaja becomes the busiest street in Montevideo. In recent decades, bookstores and antique dealers have been installed in recycled premises, in addition to the greatest diversity of objects and products, to the point of becoming a ‘flea market’ where one can Find precious antiquity with seasonal fruit.


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